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West Elk Endorses Howard City Library's Summer Program

Posted Date: 04/13/2021

West Elk Endorses Howard City Library's Summer Program

West Elk's second grade classes took a field trip to Howard City Library. During the visit, Mrs. Dana Denton shared valuable library knowledge and entertained students with literary activities. She seized the opportunity to remind everyone that library cards are free and recommended each to acquire one.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of what a local library offers, particularly during the summer. West Elk provides consistent literacy-centered learning throughout the academic year via the Accelerated Reader Program and routine classroom instruction. Howard City Library's Summer Reading Program is designed for students of all ages. It consists of hands-on activities, elementary story times, reading contests with prizes as incentive to continue diving into books and much more. The program fosters a continuation of reading and learning throughout the summer that is often lost when school is not in session.

A highlight of many was the Library Scavenger Hunt, which helped students to practice locating fiction, non-fiction and particular books by title or author. Students discovered that there were other things that could be used or checked out from the library as well such as computers, games, puzzles or magazines. Each of the children left with a goodie bag that could be colored and used for carrying books. Inside was a new book for all to keep. Mrs. Denton reminded them to visit the library now and definitely during the summer. 

The Summer Safety Event hosted by Howard City Library will take place on May 21, 2021. This event kicks off the Summer Reading Program. Those interested will be able to receive a calendar for the summer scheduled events at that time.

students listen as book is read in library