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West Elk Preschool Library Program

Posted Date: 01/06/2021

Libarian reads to preschool students

West Elk's Library has expanded its inventory to include Preschool content. A designated part of the library was created with donations gathered from community members and the Kansas State Library. Preschoolers visit the library every Friday, excited to check out a book to share with their family and return on Tuesday ready for another. During these visits West Elk's Librarian, Heather Kelly, takes the opportunity to have interactive story times and familiarize the students with different types of books as well as how to care for them properly.

West Elk started this expansion with the focus of developing stronger early literacy skills in Preschool students. The district has also partnered with Howard City Library by enrolling in a reading program, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. Students who read a book at home, with their teacher, or during library time earn a sticker to put on their goal sheets. Every 100 books, they earn a free book. The goal of this partnership is to foster the joy of reading and increase comprehension ability in the children before they enter Elementary School. 

Preschool students reading library books.Libarian reads to preschool studentsPreschool students reading library books.