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Block The Doors

Posted Date: 12/02/2020


Student Council members with food donations

Student Council hosts a Block The Doors event to encourage participation from West Elk High School students in gathering food supplies for Christmas baskets that will be distributed by Elk County Ministerial Alliance.  Crates are placed outside of classrooms that are taking a part in the event, in which donations are put in until they have filled the supply list needed and “block the door”. By contributing towards the goal and meeting it, students are awarded the day prior to Winter Break with a relaxed teacher-led activity in class versus normal instruction.

This year,  West Elk Student Council collected 330 items and blocked four out of the six doors participating in the event. Anything leftover after filling the baskets is contributed to the food pantry located at the Moline Christian Church. If you would like to donate supplies at any time, please contact Ann Wright at 620-515-0722 for more details.